According to some reports, it is said that 15% of married women are usually cheating on their husbands.

The latest research says so, the research is said to have relied on the honesty of some of the females in a poll.

An article said the percentage of women having an extramarital sexual relationship could be higher than that.

In a few countries, the culture had enclosed women to specific roles. They are not allowed to break the marital covenant. These countries find it gloomier than any otherworldly violation like being a drug addict, violence, emotional abuse and other offences. They wouldn’t want to accept a women’s infidelity rather they’d accept crimes that are worse than that.

The social order of the world is probably the main factor for some women to be the way. The is very biased. I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that the world still is biased. It biases men over women. It views men to be the biological pursuers of sex, and women are always against it. And women are only obliged to have marital sex.
What we understand here is that women are always portrayed to be the ones that don’t actively want sex unless it’s bounded with marriage or commitment.

But what the world doesn’t know is that most women also enjoy and crave lovemaking just like men do. In a study that involved over 2000 coupled-up individuals, over 59 per cent women said that they wanted more than what they were getting in their sexual relationship with their partner. This was found out as a part of the survey program. On the other hand, the researches say that men underestimate their partner’s desires.

What we understand by this is that the world lacks in educating about female sexuality. The world still just lives in its assumptions. That’s where the gaping disparity emerges.

The lack of understanding and stereotypical norms had impacted the lives of women. As long as the world lives in its illusion of want female sexuality is rather than finding out and letting women speak about their self. That’s where it’s deliberately lacking and making it hard for the women to express themselves.

Some women had expressed that while they are engaged in a sexual affair with a new lover, they felt more lively than ever. Perhaps they are finding what they want with the new lover while their partner doesn’t seem to get it yet.

Women do crave for high amounts of sexual novelty, but this for a fact, is not acknowledged by the partner nor the world in general.
The unfaithful wives do cherish their relationship with their partner, but what impacts the relationship is that the women find themselves imprisoned by their relationship. This is something that these women would never want to talk about, and this is the primary reason for most failed marriages.

Another unspoken truth is that when women have an external affair, they are considered to be the highest form of betrayal. Female infidelity is never accepted anywhere. Cheating on your partner is wrong, and we know that. But when it comes to men, it’s not made a great deal while compared to women.

It could take about 20 years or more for two individuals to desire sex with multiple partners. This could be wildly idealistic or impossible; there is no in-between.

The world is never perfect, nor the people living in it. Everybody has flaws, and when it comes to your partner, you should accept them the way they are.

Even world-class sportsmen lose in their games, a star-chef could ruin a dish, a chart-topping artist could make a bad song, but we don’t forget all their achievements in the past, for the way they are. Once they’ve been considered significant, they earned it themselves. With one back step, they can’t be overthrown. That’s what you should relate to real life too. There could be a wrong time or a bad day, but eventually, you can pick yourself up. And then you shouldn’t hold high standards that you aren’t sure of when it comes to your spouse.

Do not expect them to be anybody to be perfect like said before nothing is perfect and you should keep that in your kind.

There are times when decisions made in haste ruined people’s lives entirely. Most of these cases are subjugated in marriage. It could destroy the lifetime happiness.
By doing this, it is forcing one another into living secret lives like a shadow. The individuals living an experience like this are building up resentment and discontent for themselves.

Women who cheat can’t be portrayed to be accused of all their life. You can’t just bring down and define what female sexuality is about. It is indeed very complicated to understand. Something that cannot be changed by proclaiming that women who cheat will be punished by God. Do not define or compare women to the standard the world has. It is like living in a misconception. They broadly categories them to be good or bad, or those who are cultured and not cultured added they are given offensive name tags too.

Ideas and views about women being different and they have desires that seem to be far from what a ‘lady-like’ nature should be. Things like this are never heard and will always be new for people to hear because it’s far away from the assumed picture that is painted in most people’s minds.

What matters is maintaining a healthy relationship with the women by getting to know her well. Let her speak and give in to her ideas and desires; that’s what most women need, and they don’t usually get to express themselves well. Men should contribute to knowing about their partner; the assumption is a remarkable fall in a relationship. Be that person ever wife wants in their life. Make them feel great and comfortable, and when a woman is asked about opinions that’s when she becomes more trustworthy, and you might see how things will change for better.

If you are unable to do the very least for your wife, then you can’t complain when she desires it from another person.


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