People talk about how couples in the west don’t seem to get along with each other for a long time. They say that it’s infrequent to see long-lasting relationships in Hollywood. We’ll it cannot be entirely accurate, because some trendy couples have been together for a long time, a long time could be over a decade, and these couples seem to be very fresh whenever they are caught on camera. Their chemistry feels fragile yet strong.
Once we start talking about some of these couples, we are sure you are going to believe in genuine love and long-lasting relationship.

Without any further ado, here are 11 powerful couple that professes nothing but never-ending love.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell:

Together for 35 years.

They are called the heroes of long-lasting Hollywood romance. The couple had their first encounter in 1966, but they started dating only in 1983.
Goldie and Kurt have a son together; they also have three more children from their previous relationships. This couple has not been officially married even till today, but their relationship is always set as an example in Hollywood.

Goldie said that raising they made a family even without marrying. Goldie and Kurt have been devoted to their relationship. They continued to make a family even without marrying each other. They have all the elements that pushed their ties into a greater height. They are proud to raise their children well. They didn’t have to get married to live as a family they said.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

They’ve been together for 30 years.

Tom said he had a Crush on Rita ever since he saw her in the family sitcom in 1971. But when they met each other in 1981, they knew they were meant to be together.
In 1988, Tom and Rita got married, and even till today, we see how strong their love is going. They’ve been each other’s strength and support, and that’s what made their relationship unbreakable. Tom jokingly says that marriage does seem like being in hell, but with each other by the side, they can get through anything. They have two sons, and they are living happily.
Doesn’t it melt your heart to see how heart-warming these experiences could’ve been?

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick:

Been together for 31 years.

The couple met in the set if Lemon Sky, probably their love sprouted and they got married in 1988. They’ve had two joyful children, a girl and a boy adding more happiness to their lives.
Kevin and Kyra celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2018. They posted sweet messages for each other on social media.

Kevin jokingly advises that people shouldn’t listen to celebrities advise about how to stay married, he says that the secret of his married life.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee

23 years of togetherness.

The couple had their first meet on the set of Correlli in 1995. Hugh was still in his early 20’s while Deborra-Lee was 13 years older to him. Hugh thought that crushing over his filming partner was not professional, but when Deborra-Lee confessed to having the same feelings, they finally believed that their love was meant to be.
They married each other in 1996; their love is being elevated ever since. They are blessed with two gorgeous children.

They never spent longer than two weeks without each other. And when they argue, they don’t sleep.
Hugh says that being true to oneself is a significant element that contributes to the long-lasting relationship.

Michelle Pfeiffer and David

They are together for 25 years.

Most of the Hollywood real-time love stories are seemed to be started on sets, but this couple’s story has slightly taken a different turn.
Michelle met the love of her life on a blind date in 1993. It is fascinating that they started like that. How many blind dates have been successful?
Michelle and David have two children and have made a happy family. They portray their most vital connections and seem to be inseparable.
Michelle says that life is all about choices, and she was fortunate to make the right ones. David and Michelle are very compatible with each other; they respect each other. Maybe that’s the critical aspect of their ever-growing love.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick:

They have been together for 22 years.

Sarah and Matthew celebrated their 22nd anniversary in 2018. They have three beautiful children.
The couple first met each other in 1991 on Broadway. That was the time she was separated by Robert Downey Jr who she had dated before she was introduced to Broderick by her brother.
The couple started dating in 1992, but they finally got married in 1997.
Mathew says that he still has a fresh memory of how Parker walked into his life. He says it as clear as day.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

A bond of 28 years

John and Kelly met each other at a screen test of the 1989 movie, which was called The Experts.
Kelly was already unhappily married then. She was contemplating about meeting the wrong person.
Eventually, when she started dating John, they got along well. John proposed on New Year’s Eve in 1991. The couple finally got married later that year in September.
They gave birth to two children. They faced a heart-breaking tragedy when they lost their son in 2009.
The couple overcame all the obstacles in life, stood firm and showed their long-lasting, intense love for each other.

There are many more power couples who keep inspiring the world. They show the world that love can last long, true love doesn’t fade with time. Since most people find inspiration from celebrities, we hope that their stories will help you build your relationships as strong as theirs.
These celebrities have set marks on how beautiful a relationship can be made,
Take notes, and you can make it possible too.

You care capable of building a healthy relationship. Don’t forget about Trust and respect; both these elements play an essential role in shaping your relationship. We are sure that you could achieve a more extraordinary relationship if you are fully committed to it.


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