Appearance doesn’t go in the way of love. If a plus-size woman feels like she’d never been able to find love, we are here to tell you that love is an emotion of the heart so most people will eventually find it.

Don’t reckon that you will never find love because of your body size. You will be able to find your perfect love at some point in life. We heard numerous love stories that plus-size women shared with the world. Their partners shower them with love, just like every other woman. Your size doesn’t impact the love you get. If it’s true love, your partner will adore you the way you are.

Never let people’s comments or any statements that make you question yourself. And don’t settle for less. Every human deserves to be loved as much, and you deserve it too.

Feel good and feel strong about yourself. Because your authentic self after all.

We live in a world where tinier women are glorified and are overrated. Standards of women always begin with women being slim and their narrow waistline.

But somewhere now there emerged a new norm where bigger sized are onto the limelight. When we think the world is turning its dimension and looking at new prospective, there is still despair when the media and society focus mostly on thinner women. Will there be a time where plus-sized women actually and greatly stand to be the real icons? Will they be able to portray to normalize plus-size women standards? When the world truly gives in and encourages the plus size women, that’s when it gives a lot of these women hope. We are all humans. We don’t want divisions and standards, especially when it comes to love.

We are hopeful that time will come where the world would gratify the plus size women.

No one establishes what a person is categorized as when it comes to appearance. But for plus size women, society and people give it to them. The labels about appearances make people more conscious of their appearance.

Nobody can declare that body types matter when it comes to love and relationship. That’s not true at all. Plus-size women can marry or date any men of any body type. Love never determines body types. If the man is concerned about it, he’s not worthy of you.
The world should stop stereotyping women that are plus-sized. That’s when things will fall in place. The misconception that fat women are not the wife material, or they could make a man’s life miserable, humiliate the men. If there’s a question of all these statements, then the relationship is not worthy. You will find a better person.

It doesn’t matter to be perfect in shape; it doesn’t matter what the others say, what the world’s conception is. We understand that it might affect you a little but hear out, imperfection is the new perfection. Show your potential partner that being a plus-sizes woman doesn’t make you any less of a woman.

We’ve discussed enough of the negative and opposing bars now let’s look at the bright side. Why men should not back off on loving plus-sized women and how loving them could be worth the shot. And what they could be missing out if the opt-out from choosing a plus-sized woman.

Shout out to all the plus-sized women in the world that overcame a lot of struggles and are living greatly. To all of them who found love and they are living their lives being loved and being in love.

You should start loving your body, no matter what, your body is the sole entity you earn. Be proud of it. Be proud that God gave you a bigger version of it. He loves you more. Don’t forget, in a world where everything is temporary, waste no time in thinking about the comments. Live the greatest and the happiest life, and we will be cheering for you.

All eyes on you

When a plus-sized woman is walking down the street with their partner, it is felt that most people’s eyes could be on them. The people could also make obnoxious comments. But give a deaf ear to them and walk like the show’s stopper. Let haters continue hating, but that’d not going to touch your love or reduce your love.
If you are dating a plus-sized woman, tell her that you accept her and tell her that, no matter what the world might preserve your love wouldn’t change. That’s what these women would love to hear. You should give them all the love that they deserve.

Fat women are not temporary replacements.

A few people have this idea that fat women do not last long in a relationship. And some of them who are regular-sized would try and lure the plus-sized women’s partner. That’s not how it should be. There’s no saying or a tag on the man that says he’s in a temporary relationship, but from where do these assumptions pop in? Honestly, it could be very frustrating to see the women trying to tame men, especially when they seem to be committed with someone. Just so that person doesn’t seem to match the so-called “ideal women nature” doesn’t mean someone has a chance.
The most dreadful thing is that people close to the couple seem to take this kind of advantage.
When you encounter things like this, just flip your hair on that person’s face and show how strong your bond is. Men especially should proclaim and show the world that he truly loves his woman.

Plus-sized women could be healthy; they could make great wives and great mothers too.

We don’t understand some of the presumptions about a plus-sized woman being unhealthy and needing constant healthcare.
That’s not true, well there could be some women with serious issues, but you can stereotype all the women. The society’s false assumptions are broken when some of these women show the world how successful they could live their lives as a wife and a mother.
They could be stronger than most people assume and the speculations about pregnancy difficulties. All these are quite disturbing when you know that the world believes as if all these are facts.

Stop reducing plus-women to having flaws because they are not diminishing community. Remember that they have their place in the world, and respect and acceptance is the least they’d what. They too are eligible to have love stories that are greater than fairytales.


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