Sharon Godwin who’s twitter id is @AlumBaeOfficial gave relationship advice to her twitter followers.

Sharon Godwin is said to be born in Uganda, and she firmly tweeted that women should avoid dating men who are between 19-27, she says that men at this age group are not fully grown yet.

In her tweet, she asserted with a strong and straight forward point. She started with a capitalized ‘avoid’ to show the emphasis on it.

Her tweet asserted with “AVOID dating men between the age of 19-27.” and then it continued saying – “They either typical mama’s boy stuck on their ex, cheat the most, entertain hoes, party non-stop, have no plans & are only concerned about their PS4, mixtape & weed”.

According to her words, Sharon thinks that the particular age group of men are never severe in a relationship. She believes that these men are still immature to commit to a relationship that long.

Heartbreaks can be traumatizing, and if it takes the person into depressing, they should be given treatment as soon as possible because there are at higher risks to become paranoid and will have an impression that every person who they encounter will leave them devastated.

Sharon Godwin must have been through some heartbreak that urged her to speak loud about this issue. She probably wanted to warn the women to be careful and not end up in the state that damages you beyond repair.

Her bitter experience is her enabled her to say state something like that. She must have been heartbroken by men who are under 30 and over 19. Women should be careful because these men could drift away. Their motives are immature, and they lurk on the most childish things.

The tweet made rounds on the internet; it got more than 3000 retweets and comments. While Sharon’s tweet generated a lot of opinions and reaction there was on a user named Michelle Dee, who’s twitter ID is @Dumayb replied to educate the Sharon on how she could make her relationship work. Even if she’s gone through something hard, she should be able to fix it or move on. Stereotyping aspects will not help.

Michelle reply was “Also, as a woman no matter how old your hubby is, he is your first your child. “
She compares men to babies-“Men are babies and it takes a mother at heart to handle a ma,n and capture his soul. Your hubby is your first practical child and if done successfully, motherhood and marriage will be fun even in pains,”. she ended.

She talked about how women should understand their man, like a mother, a woman should nurture and comprehend their heart and mind. If you can handle your man just like a mother, then when you give birth to a child, you will see how great a mother you will be. Understanding instead of stereotyping will enhance your relationship.

There will be great men in the age group of 19-27, not all men are disappointed, it could be that handful if men behave immaturely. While some others could be the gentlest men, you could ever meet.
The relationship works with time and understanding each other. It might not be easy, but it might not be hard either. It’s okay if you meet disappointing men, you can’t proclaim all men are like that because as a matter of fact, the world consists of people of different personalities. Everybody has flaws, let it be men or women.
When it comes to a relationship, the bond is created when the couple tries to overcome their obstacles by working with each other. If there is a certain quality you dislike about the other, talk it out, explain why there is a need to change it. Give your ear to what they have to say and analyze accordingly. That’s when you see your relationship bloom.

Don’t let a wrong relationship bother you. We all make mistakes and wrong choices. It’s not the end. All the lessons learnt from the regretful events will only make us stronger and a better person. So, don’t get disheartened or state things based on a handful incident.
Be insightful and knowledgeable about yourself and what you intended in your relationship. If by chance your relationship takes a wrong turn and leaves you heartbroken, don’t get eaten up by it. You will find deserving love when you are true to yourself.

It’s never good to be negative all the time, and don’t leave a bad influence on the other people that will impact their lives.
There could be immature men who waste time instead of getting into a serious relationship. There could be men who only think about other materialistic things and prefer them over their loved one. It could be not very pleasant to meet men like this. That’s why there’s a need to get to know them well before you make up your mind. Observe how their life. Don’t give in too much too soon because it will only make you regretful later.

To avoid being heartbroken, do a thorough a study on what you want your relationship to be like, how can you picture your future with that person, and check for traits that bother you and if they agree to rectify and alter their traits for you, that’s when you know you are into a truly committed relationship.

A relationship depends upon both the people involved. The couple needs to be comfortable around each other, and their ultimate motive is to lead a relationship that positively impacts their life. Long-lasting relationships happen when love is taken seriously; it has to be an engagement of the heart.

If both people can communicate well and accept their true personalities, there is no room for heartbreak and betrayal.
Relationships seem to be complicated, but actually, the very basic concepts like love and trust are the ones that influence in a successful relationship. Younger people might have desires to be committed to a perfect relationship. It could be possible added both the individuals should work it out.

Pretence and ignorance will lead to devastating relationships only.


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