With the global pandemic outbreak, people are now contained in their homes. Everything has come to a standstill, from work to public events were halted.

The official declaration of coronavirus, the dreadful pandemic was made by the World Health Organisations in March 2020. The virus had spread rapidly throughout the world, causing significant disturbances and destructions to economy and livelihood.
While we are still waiting to get back to normalcy, we are hoping to get there soon.

Social distancing and self-isolation are now a part of every human being on earth.
The World might be opening up slowly to normalcy, but it is necessary to follow up these measures at least until the vaccine comes to our rescue to wash away the virus off the World.

This self-isolation has brought new worries, especially for women who suffer domestic violence. Due to the effective lockdown, there’s an additional chance that the women might go through more miseries than they usually have because everybody is at home.

As soon as the pandemic lockdown measures were laid, UK’s MP Jess Phillips showed her concern by posting on twitter. She said she is thinking of all the women working and living in a refuge at this crucial pandemic time and those who are terrified of the idea of social distancing that will keep them at home.

Her concerns seem to be right; it is worrisome to think about people in abusive relationships that are stuck in their households without help. And now is the time they can’t move out of their house as rules get strict with the growing spread of the virus. But we can’t avoid thinking about their safety. There are people who are undiscovered, who are still suffering under their own roof, can we protect and provide security for them?

We are afraid and aware that self-isolation has put a lot of people at risk, especially those going through abusive relationships at their homes. Added pandemic had also brought with it financial problems to most people which is acting as a stressful factor on most people’s mind. Considering all this, and pressure from various aspects will lead to violence and coercion to some family members.

Hera Hussein, the founder of CHAYN, which is an online resource archive that has everything from mental wellbeing to law and finance, says that if any individual is unable to find help within their surroundings and are in grave danger, then giving them support through digital means is the need of the hour. We all live in a world of advanced technology, almost everything is on reach. Information wise at least. So, if a person can’t be reached out yo physically, the digital World has excellent news for you.

CHAYN’s team of volunteers, many of whom are survivors themselves have worked together to help those who are stuck at home. Especially the ones that are living in fear due to the isolation.
The team is sharing daily tools, tips and supportive words through internet webchat. They are reaching out to all those who they can help by monitoring through the internet.

There is an insight into the risks self-isolation can put people who are in abusive homes. The online interaction is to keep in touch with the people and be able to give security at least by getting updates on how they are doing at home.

CHAYN was not formed newly during this pandemic. The organisation has been giving online support for seven years now, encouraging saviours to make notified decisions, so as to keep a check on them. The organisation has given in-person services, and some of then are shelters for the people. Providing protection is a significant accomplishment, especially at times like this where the whole World is suffering from the dreadful pandemic. The organisation has seen a massive demand for resources now. Most people are very anxious and worried at their homes waiting to get liberated from their abusive homes.

CHAYN is an online support group that stands for the people who don’t feel secure at their homes. The organisation is going to increase content on their chatbot that will direct the survivors to go resources and introductory online courses. These courses are to help and educate the survivors on how they can collect evidence and stay safe from surveillance.

Will the government help the women and children from abusive households? What should they do to help them?

The UK government made an announcement on 7th may, to set out the details of about adding an extra €10 million in funding for domestic abuse charities.

The Women’s Aid has been urging the government to establish life-saving services for the refugee to survive at times like this. If the government is coming forward to provide security for them, there’s nothing more significant than that. Women especially need special refugee camps and regular check-up on their livelihoods.

A spokesperson told the media that the Coronavirus pandemic would impact the most vulnerable people in the community. If the women are asked to self-isolate themselves, there will be a question of support and safety. They can’t escape, and it won’t be easy for them to escape from the perpetrators and seek ready help. It’s hard to access public spaces at the time of need. Women might find it secure as they can be tracked using GPs and surveillance.

It is said that about 1.6 million women in England and Wales experienced domestic abuse in the past year. Home is a safe place, but it is contrary to the abused women and children. They look for amenities that could help them feel secure.

In case you find any sufferers, you can assist them to contact the organisation that will help them. They should be supported; being abused doesn’t mean that they have a flaws trait. It’s just that the perpetrator doesn’t seem to think before acting, leaving the life of the abused at risk.

We can no longer stand women or any household abuses. Security and safety of the people is always the top priority.
Thus, the National centre of domestic violence offers free and fast services for the survivors regardless of these people’s financial circumstances, race, gender or sexual orientation. This is a very significant step that gives people a ray of hope about their security and life.

Hopefully, most countries come up with associations and measures to rescue those in isolated homes.


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