A lot of us tend to invite too many people to determine our life decisions. But is it necessary to consider everybody’s opinions?
When these people tell you their thoughts and opinions, you will find yourself making decisions according to their perspectives. Doesn’t that seem like you are altering your life because of their choices?
It’s your life. It would be best if you lived it to the fullest. Don’t let other people determine how you live your life.

This concern is seen widely in the world. If you ask us, From when people are so cautious about things and aspects greater than something like a relationship? We’d say the influence of the internet age.

It feels like we live in a world where other people’s opinions seem to matter a lot. We’d want to be that ideal perfection everyone desires to be. Does perfection exist? It probably exists in the internet world. But in the real world, we have not found it yet.

People forget to live. Lifestyle and cultures are altering as the years pass by. Social media accounts are created to impress people, or should we say ‘followers’?
We could be finding ways to impress some of the strangers, in doing so, we might overlook some genuine souls that are worthy of your love.
You can never find out about a person by looking at their social media account; no people could tell what person you are.
You need to really put in the effort when it comes to a relationship.

When you finally someone and decide to date, don’t take things fast. It would help if you slowed down in the beginning to have a long-lasting relationship.
When you are unsure if that person, and you still learning to keep the relationship private. Because if you are loud about it and it doesn’t work out, you will be disappointed in the future.

Remember that nobody is perfect. Everyone in the world must have been through things. When you are ready to get into a relationship, you should be prepared to understand the other. Everyone must be having something that they regret. It would be best if you reached a level where both of you are comfortable enough to share your stories and experiences. Even if you are not willing to talk about your past, you should be able to at some point in your relationship.

Everyone has a different personality. They prefer other things and have come from different ways of life. So, you could get rejections, but don’t feel bad about it. There must be someone else that would be your perfect partner.

Keep your relationship to yourself.

Don’t be loud about dating someone. Because if. That person is not the right one; you would feel awkward about it later on. You should be able to keep it down in the primary stages.
When you invest in getting to know each other well, understand each other’s behaviour is and personality, you will know the right time to announce it to the others.
Don’t ask for opinions. You should find out if the person is right for you by yourself.
Date in silence. Don’t give the world a chance to impact your relationship. The world could be cold. Their opinions might influence you and make you doubt about the most unnecessary things in life.
Keep it low while you are in love and being loved. Bring your life to a stage where both of you are inseparable. Inseparable in the sense that both of you understand each other very adequately that no comment or statement could ever make you doubt about your relationship.

Don’t tell everybody. Sometimes you should avoid exposing your closest friends too.

Please don’t delicate your life to an outside world, where people are ever ready to give away their advice and opinions. Never portray your relationship on social media; don’t let your online friends or Instagram followers know about your private life.
You should always, always remember to distinguish your private affairs from what you show to the world.
It is not necessary to update everything. It is never essential to upload pictures regularly too. We upload photos because it’s fun, or because we want to keep a memory of it. Internet users today have a surge to post every aspect of their life. Their day is all about click and post, click and post. But are they living in the moment? That’s something that’s always forgotten. It is sad.

People close to you even if they are your best friends and family are important to you, of course, their opinions matter, but what matters more is your opinion. Your opinion should be prioritized higher than what others think, even if they are your closest people.
Listen to your heart. It doesn’t speak wrong.

Never let others dictate you what to do.

It is your life, and you are the sole decision-maker. Whatever the decision you want to make in life, remember it is your life. You are living it, not anyone else. It is okay to get help from your closed ones but at the end consider what you want to do too.

If your decisions don’t turn out right, it’s okay. You’ve learnt something from it. Things like this help you understand more. Sometimes your decisions might go wrong, but sometimes your choices could take you over the right path.
If you are stuck with something and are aware of the risks and challenges, think about it again. Do what you strongly want to do. Don’t bother about the outcome; first, you need the courage to fight against what’s holding you back.
Only when you try, you’ll know your possibilities. So be brave. Your heart will lead the way.

Keep in mind that it’s absolutely fine to date in silence, if I should add, it’s significant to date in silence because it’s entirely about you and the other person. There’s no one who’s influencing your relationship.
This is how lasting relationships are formed. Be lowkey about it.

On the other hand, being loud about your relationship doesn’t enhance your bond with your loved one. You will tend to be less considerate too because you will keep hearing things from all the people.


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