A Nigerian man writes on twitter that dating a financially stable is a blessing.

A Twitter user who is identified as Chineme Kalu, a Nigerian took to Twitter saying that financially stable women are a blessing to any man.
He says that the woman makes decisions from the heart. Because she is not expecting anything; instead, she is ready to give anything to the man.

She doesn’t make decisions for the money. When she earns, she doesn’t become money minded.

Chinme emphasized that when these women express their love, it is indeed from their hearts. She means it when she tells her feelings. She’s got no ulterior motive.

Chinme exact words from the tweet are:

Dating a financially stable woman is a blessing when she says “I Love you” you know it comes from the heart because of empty stomach.

If the woman is financially stable, she won’t look at getting more money. She is happy and contended. She expresses her true love, and it is true because she doesn’t love the man for any materialistic desire. It comes from the heart.

She’s not chasing the man for money, or if the man is not earning enough, he is fortunate to have a woman that loves him despite the financial crisis.

A large part of the world think that women chase the rich man, they want money. But look at financially stable women standing strong. It is indeed a blessing to a man to find a woman that helps the financial tab.

Parallelly, Eniola, who is also identified as a Nigerian, tweeted about why she wouldn’t want to date a broke man again.

It seems like she dated a broke man, who probably must have broken her heart.

So, Enoila says that she dated a jobless guy, who she helped financially.
But once this guy got a good job, he supposed to have ghosted on her.
She then added that he got fired after six months, and when he tried to come back to her, she started ignoring his texts.

Enoila, thought that the guy had potential and despite being unemployed, she sent him money for food twice a month.

There could be a lot of women like Enoila, who are helping men thinking that they could be their potential partners. Some of them are loyal and would be really striving to reduce the burden, while some enjoy like a freeloader.

Enoila states that she knew what money could make a person. She knew what having money feels like. It could make a person feel powerful. The person suddenly thinks everything is achievable; they could even think about buying the moon with the money they earned. But the truth is, you should never act powerfully when you have money. The money will not stay with you permanently.
Today you might be rich, but you can’t guarantee to be the same forever. Don’t let money get into your head.

Just like we’ve seen how the man Eniola dated lost his job, that’s what happens when you lose real love.
If you are not sincere, you will tend to lose everything.

Eniola didn’t give in when he texted her with a ‘Hey’ after he lost his job. She left him on read, as she should.
Show the girl power!

Women are not pleased to date men that are financially struggling.
If women prefer someone who is financially stable, it’s not because of the money, or you can’t label them as heartless and gold-diggers. It’s just that the man must be having the standard she is seeking. If a woman is not dating you are unemployed; then the problem is not really the paycheck, it could be the way the women is getting treated. Your character and confidence also reflect on why a woman would choose you.
Women always listen to their hearts. If it really seems that the man deserves her love, she’d give it to him by all means.
She’d protect him and give every kind of support.
They understand emotions. But if she is given a hard time despite investing so much, she’d instead look after herself.
Being ungrateful is the worst a man can do to women, mostly if the women have gone to the end of the earth to give things to the man.

Never assume that a woman is disinterested in you only because you are financially unstable. It could be that she genuinely is not into you. You can’t force just anybody to fall in love with you.

Love is an emotion; it has to bind the people together if you are given a chance to prove it that you are worthy of her love.

If you are rejected, think about how you’ve been treating her despite not helping her financially.
Do not give tags like greedy or selfish. And you should keep in mind that she’s not accountable to you.

The world has misconceptions that financially stabled women could be pretentious and superior. These are not proven facts and are all false.
Independent women are stronger. They will give it all if they find the right man. A man they love, who reciprocates the love back, protects and is loyal.

Women look for the simplest things in a man. Don’t blame her if she doesn’t want to date you. Her reasons could be different. If you fail to understand her, it shows that you haven’t truly loved her.

It is worse to find a man that lives off on the money of a woman without being the man she truly desires.
If you find a woman that supports you and trusts you, keep up her trusts. Be loyal to her. There’s nothing she asks in return. Love like that is in the most simple form. Even if both man and woman are financially stable, there’s nothing that will bridge a gap between them. They are genuinely in love with each other because they don’t seem to have any ulterior motives when it comes to love.


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