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The world’s power-packed couples that show how love will never age.


People talk about how couples in the west don’t seem to get along with each other for a long time. They say that it’s infrequent to see long-lasting relationships in Hollywood. We’ll it cannot be entirely accurate, because some trendy couples have been together for a long time, a long time could be over a decade, and these couples seem to be very fresh whenever they are caught on camera. Their chemistry feels fragile yet strong.
Once we start talking about some of these couples, we are sure you are going to believe in genuine love and long-lasting relationship.

Without any further ado, here are 11 powerful couple that professes nothing but never-ending love.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell:

Together for 35 years.

They are called the heroes of long-lasting Hollywood romance. The couple had their first encounter in 1966, but they started dating only in 1983.
Goldie and Kurt have a son together; they also have three more children from their previous relationships. This couple has not been officially married even till today, but their relationship is always set as an example in Hollywood.

Goldie said that raising they made a family even without marrying. Goldie and Kurt have been devoted to their relationship. They continued to make a family even without marrying each other. They have all the elements that pushed their ties into a greater height. They are proud to raise their children well. They didn’t have to get married to live as a family they said.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

They’ve been together for 30 years.

Tom said he had a Crush on Rita ever since he saw her in the family sitcom in 1971. But when they met each other in 1981, they knew they were meant to be together.
In 1988, Tom and Rita got married, and even till today, we see how strong their love is going. They’ve been each other’s strength and support, and that’s what made their relationship unbreakable. Tom jokingly says that marriage does seem like being in hell, but with each other by the side, they can get through anything. They have two sons, and they are living happily.
Doesn’t it melt your heart to see how heart-warming these experiences could’ve been?

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick:

Been together for 31 years.

The couple met in the set if Lemon Sky, probably their love sprouted and they got married in 1988. They’ve had two joyful children, a girl and a boy adding more happiness to their lives.
Kevin and Kyra celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2018. They posted sweet messages for each other on social media.

Kevin jokingly advises that people shouldn’t listen to celebrities advise about how to stay married, he says that the secret of his married life.

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee

23 years of togetherness.

The couple had their first meet on the set of Correlli in 1995. Hugh was still in his early 20’s while Deborra-Lee was 13 years older to him. Hugh thought that crushing over his filming partner was not professional, but when Deborra-Lee confessed to having the same feelings, they finally believed that their love was meant to be.
They married each other in 1996; their love is being elevated ever since. They are blessed with two gorgeous children.

They never spent longer than two weeks without each other. And when they argue, they don’t sleep.
Hugh says that being true to oneself is a significant element that contributes to the long-lasting relationship.

Michelle Pfeiffer and David

They are together for 25 years.

Most of the Hollywood real-time love stories are seemed to be started on sets, but this couple’s story has slightly taken a different turn.
Michelle met the love of her life on a blind date in 1993. It is fascinating that they started like that. How many blind dates have been successful?
Michelle and David have two children and have made a happy family. They portray their most vital connections and seem to be inseparable.
Michelle says that life is all about choices, and she was fortunate to make the right ones. David and Michelle are very compatible with each other; they respect each other. Maybe that’s the critical aspect of their ever-growing love.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick:

They have been together for 22 years.

Sarah and Matthew celebrated their 22nd anniversary in 2018. They have three beautiful children.
The couple first met each other in 1991 on Broadway. That was the time she was separated by Robert Downey Jr who she had dated before she was introduced to Broderick by her brother.
The couple started dating in 1992, but they finally got married in 1997.
Mathew says that he still has a fresh memory of how Parker walked into his life. He says it as clear as day.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

A bond of 28 years

John and Kelly met each other at a screen test of the 1989 movie, which was called The Experts.
Kelly was already unhappily married then. She was contemplating about meeting the wrong person.
Eventually, when she started dating John, they got along well. John proposed on New Year’s Eve in 1991. The couple finally got married later that year in September.
They gave birth to two children. They faced a heart-breaking tragedy when they lost their son in 2009.
The couple overcame all the obstacles in life, stood firm and showed their long-lasting, intense love for each other.

There are many more power couples who keep inspiring the world. They show the world that love can last long, true love doesn’t fade with time. Since most people find inspiration from celebrities, we hope that their stories will help you build your relationships as strong as theirs.
These celebrities have set marks on how beautiful a relationship can be made,
Take notes, and you can make it possible too.

You care capable of building a healthy relationship. Don’t forget about Trust and respect; both these elements play an essential role in shaping your relationship. We are sure that you could achieve a more extraordinary relationship if you are fully committed to it.

Don’t lie to someone who loves and trust you, lies will kill trust in a relationship


Trust is the most crucial aspect of a relationship. We could say a relationship is built on trust. It is a significant factor that binds the couple. It lets them take it to the next level, called marriage. A married couple needs trust to keep their relationship.

When the couple shares everything, they tend to create an unbreakable connect.
A real couple will be comfortable in sharing their thoughts, ideas and experience. It is needed that they sit and talk about their worries. After all, when you choose a partner, you are choosing someone that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Even if your relationship doesn’t seem to be perfect, you can alter it. No connections are excellent in the world.

Trust drives away fears; it’ll keep the couple close. So, the couple must adopt to trust each other.

We see that relationship these days are being built on lies. People are betraying each other by pretending to be someone else when they are not. If a relationship is built on lies, it’s going to be broken down in no time.

The individuals who are desperate for love tend to lie about everything in life. They think everything is fair when it to love, things like this could be significant trouble and ruin them for life.
You can’t imagine or dream of an ideal relationship when lies are involved. Don’t break the trust if the other. It is going to leave a lasting mark on them.

When it comes to lies, people lie about their families, their education, their past, their earnings and more. When you think there’s a necessity to lie then you are definitely on the wrong track. When the other person learns about the truth, it’s going to break them; you will never be able to make it up for it.

Suppose you want to transform into a person that matches the preference of your partner so that he will love you more. It is very wrong to be pretentious. Be your original self. Worst case scenario, your partner might move on from you, but at least you are yourself.
It would be great if you always were your true self around the people you live. Don’t degrade your original self. Being your true self is an attractive characteristic. Your partner will understand how loyal you are; that way, they could overlook your flaws.

Speaking the truth is not hurtful, it is relieving, your partner will understand that choosing you has been there I’m right decision. Only you can make then think like that.
Think about it seriously; think about the possibilities of strengthening your relationship.

Why pressurize yourself with all the lies. You can’t even live in peace. And the world has its ways where you can’t cover up your lies for long. Don’t lie about your earnings. You have nothing to be embarrassed about, not even about anything related to yourself.

Committing into a relationship is being able to show the other person your true self, express your true feelings. If all this is a mixture of lies, then it’s saddening. Because that’s not a healthy relationship and the traps laid are quite dangerous.
Always remember that it doesn’t matter how you live your life, how much you earn. When it comes to relationship, what is majorly essential is the fact that you are giving your best in loving your partner. You should ensure to make it healthy by understanding each other.
Look forward to a promising future that you both aspire to live happily.

Don’t think about lying about your age. You don’t have to be younger to love. Love is not confined to any age group. Be proud of the years of living you got. Show your maturity, show the other how you can handle things. You should know how to balance your relationship. When you find the balance, the relationship will tend to nurture and become stronger.

Normalize being able to talk about your past relationships. Could you not keep it a secret? It would help if you understood that everyone makes mistakes. It’s okay to have a past. It’s okay even if it’s quite embarrassing. But being able to talk about it to your partner will show your courage. You will also win loyalty points. Remember that people keep changing; your past deeds do not define you. You can be a better person and dominate all the wrongdoings from the past.
Clear all of it and walk into a new promising future.

Never proclaim that small lies cannot be accounted, because they could be. Any lies will ruin your relationship. Even if they are big or small, they are impactful. Once you break the trust of your significant other, you should know that building it back will take time.
Unless you are not looking for a serious relationship, you can go about your ways.
But if you seriously want to be in a long-lasting relationship, you should forget about lying. Keep is as far as you could.
Talk to your partner if you have concerns bothering you.
It is better to communicate every aspect of your life and concerns to your better half. It not only makes your bond strong but also grows trust that will never break easily.

We are aware of the fact that lying would mean more deception. You will live your future with anxiety and tension when you lie. Be genuine, create a beautiful relationship. Cherish memories, forget about any lying.
If you think you can’t trust yourself, you can’t let others trust you too. Don’t think about the relationship if you can’t be trustworthy or can’t trust anybody.

But if you are in a relationship where the other tends to lie to you, think about it. Are you worthy of having someone who can’t be trusted? Do not suffer by yourself. The relationship is something that needs both individuals to work together.

Lies will never establish a healthy relationship. Even if one them us lying we understand that it won’t last long.
Understand each other, and together you can build a relationship that is far from lies. Make it long-lasting.

“Dating financially stable woman is a blessing, her love comes from her heart…”


A Nigerian man writes on twitter that dating a financially stable is a blessing.

A Twitter user who is identified as Chineme Kalu, a Nigerian took to Twitter saying that financially stable women are a blessing to any man.
He says that the woman makes decisions from the heart. Because she is not expecting anything; instead, she is ready to give anything to the man.

She doesn’t make decisions for the money. When she earns, she doesn’t become money minded.

Chinme emphasized that when these women express their love, it is indeed from their hearts. She means it when she tells her feelings. She’s got no ulterior motive.

Chinme exact words from the tweet are:

Dating a financially stable woman is a blessing when she says “I Love you” you know it comes from the heart because of empty stomach.

If the woman is financially stable, she won’t look at getting more money. She is happy and contended. She expresses her true love, and it is true because she doesn’t love the man for any materialistic desire. It comes from the heart.

She’s not chasing the man for money, or if the man is not earning enough, he is fortunate to have a woman that loves him despite the financial crisis.

A large part of the world think that women chase the rich man, they want money. But look at financially stable women standing strong. It is indeed a blessing to a man to find a woman that helps the financial tab.

Parallelly, Eniola, who is also identified as a Nigerian, tweeted about why she wouldn’t want to date a broke man again.

It seems like she dated a broke man, who probably must have broken her heart.

So, Enoila says that she dated a jobless guy, who she helped financially.
But once this guy got a good job, he supposed to have ghosted on her.
She then added that he got fired after six months, and when he tried to come back to her, she started ignoring his texts.

Enoila, thought that the guy had potential and despite being unemployed, she sent him money for food twice a month.

There could be a lot of women like Enoila, who are helping men thinking that they could be their potential partners. Some of them are loyal and would be really striving to reduce the burden, while some enjoy like a freeloader.

Enoila states that she knew what money could make a person. She knew what having money feels like. It could make a person feel powerful. The person suddenly thinks everything is achievable; they could even think about buying the moon with the money they earned. But the truth is, you should never act powerfully when you have money. The money will not stay with you permanently.
Today you might be rich, but you can’t guarantee to be the same forever. Don’t let money get into your head.

Just like we’ve seen how the man Eniola dated lost his job, that’s what happens when you lose real love.
If you are not sincere, you will tend to lose everything.

Eniola didn’t give in when he texted her with a ‘Hey’ after he lost his job. She left him on read, as she should.
Show the girl power!

Women are not pleased to date men that are financially struggling.
If women prefer someone who is financially stable, it’s not because of the money, or you can’t label them as heartless and gold-diggers. It’s just that the man must be having the standard she is seeking. If a woman is not dating you are unemployed; then the problem is not really the paycheck, it could be the way the women is getting treated. Your character and confidence also reflect on why a woman would choose you.
Women always listen to their hearts. If it really seems that the man deserves her love, she’d give it to him by all means.
She’d protect him and give every kind of support.
They understand emotions. But if she is given a hard time despite investing so much, she’d instead look after herself.
Being ungrateful is the worst a man can do to women, mostly if the women have gone to the end of the earth to give things to the man.

Never assume that a woman is disinterested in you only because you are financially unstable. It could be that she genuinely is not into you. You can’t force just anybody to fall in love with you.

Love is an emotion; it has to bind the people together if you are given a chance to prove it that you are worthy of her love.

If you are rejected, think about how you’ve been treating her despite not helping her financially.
Do not give tags like greedy or selfish. And you should keep in mind that she’s not accountable to you.

The world has misconceptions that financially stabled women could be pretentious and superior. These are not proven facts and are all false.
Independent women are stronger. They will give it all if they find the right man. A man they love, who reciprocates the love back, protects and is loyal.

Women look for the simplest things in a man. Don’t blame her if she doesn’t want to date you. Her reasons could be different. If you fail to understand her, it shows that you haven’t truly loved her.

It is worse to find a man that lives off on the money of a woman without being the man she truly desires.
If you find a woman that supports you and trusts you, keep up her trusts. Be loyal to her. There’s nothing she asks in return. Love like that is in the most simple form. Even if both man and woman are financially stable, there’s nothing that will bridge a gap between them. They are genuinely in love with each other because they don’t seem to have any ulterior motives when it comes to love.

Bring to you the best Date Ideas for Valentine’s day


Ladies gear up to give your partner a best Valentine’s date.

Let’s us tell you some rules before we dive into the article.

In the Philippines, there’s a rule that says that Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be necessarily celebrated on 14th February.
But if you are willing to plan something grand outside, book a luxurious restaurant overcome all the hurdles that will absolutely come your way. Because most people get ready to celebrate Valentine’s day too, it’s not going to be easy. Why suffer when you can choose another day and give your loved one a perfect Valentine’s date?
Your love doesn’t need to be celebrated on that particular day, so find another great day to plan an unforgettable event.

Okay, you might still want to celebrate it on 14th February itself cause the whole world is doing so, but let us consider factors like getting to the place on time and being able to celebrate the day leisurely. It might be improbable.
Think about it. It’s a day to cherish your love. It would be best if you gave it all. If that’s not close to happening, feel free to shift the date. You create your Valentine’s day.
By doing so, you won’t have many public disturbances, and you will give a quite and a peaceful day for yourselves.

So, ladies shall we turn the tables and be able to decide upon where you could spend your fabulous day with your man.
We will help you choose from the most romantic restaurants that your man will love to dine in, especially with you by his side. Let’s not wait longer and show you what we got.

We are bringing to you the ten most popular restaurants that will make your day more splendid!

  1. Nanka Japanese Steakhouse:

We see how popular the eastern part of the world is emerging to be. Nanka Japanese Steakhouse is an incredible place to dine.
The west meets east. You find that this restaurant serves dishes from both sides of the world; East and West.
This restaurant was opened recently in 2019. The dishes that stand out are delicious sushi and mouthwatering crab dishes.
So think no more. If you and your partner specifically love Sushi and Crabs, think no more and choose Nanka Japanese Steakhouse. Choose from a variety of other dishes too.

  1. Brotzeit:

Brotzeit is not only famous for ice-cold beers that are imported from Germany but also it’s a renowned signature dish which is the pork knuckles. The wide variety available with these favourite dishes is the reason why you should visit Brotzeit.
In the Valentine month of the year, the restaurant introduces a special menu. There’s a menu called prosperity that is exclusively made for the couples on the occasion of Valentine’s day.

  1. Livestock Restaurant and Bar

This is a Filipino restaurant that is popularly known for its crispy pata. It is said that this restaurant had the best crispy pata one could ever find in Metro Manila.
The crispy pata is perfectly crisp and crunchy that you could use a popsicle stick to cut it.
The restaurant introduced a wide variety of dishes. The menus evolved over the years, and Livestock Restaurant and bar has expanded its range of offerings. There are extraordinary dishes like Coffee Bourbon Ribs, salted Egg Chicharon, and Red Snapper in Cumin Butter.
Doesn’t it make you excited to them out?
There’s also Spiced Crispy Ulo, that you should definitely try while you are there.

  1. House of Wagyu

House of Wagyu is a place that soars high for the high quality meet it provides the customers.
The restaurant has excellent service that you will love. And what is exceptionally remarkable is the wine collection they have. With fine red wine, make you dine more than fine.
The restaurant offers a discount on the lovers month of the year.

  1. Bistro Manuel

Named after the Chef, the food at this restaurant leave a mark, the diners understand and can taste the dishes of one of the best chefs. Chef Ariel Manuel strives to give the customers the best taste that would never leave their minds. His duck Confit is forever unbeatable in the world. There’s more to his collection that you should try with your partner.

  1. Red Lantern at Solaire

This is proclaimed to be the best Chinese restaurant in the Philippines. It’s a world-class restaurant that lives up to the word. The most popular dish you find at this restaurant is ‘dim sum’. And Perking Duck is something you should not miss while you are there.
You can head to the hotel’s newly introduced bar for cocktails and other wholesome beverages.

  1. Ministry of Crab

As the name suggests, you will enjoy the tastiest Crab dishes here. This restaurant is in Sri Lanka, located deep inside Shangrila. The beautiful restaurant is worth witnessing. You can have cocktails after a delicious meal.

  1. Burger Geek

Burgers are everybody’s favourite. A cheeseburger could satisfy us like no other meal sometimes. That’s when Burger Geek comes to light. It has burgers made with the highest quality beef with a perfect ratio of other ingredients the soft bun that holds them together will take you to another world with one bite. You need to try their burgers you shouldn’t miss out on this.

  1. El Gaicho

El Gaicho is an Argentinian Steakhouse that has outlets all over South Asia. This place aspires to make spectacular steaks and the best lamb chops you could ever taste.
El Gaicho is looking forward to spreading globally now.

  1. Makati Diamond Residences

Make your Valentine date longer. Book a stay at Makati Diamond Residences and leave after breakfast.
This is a place that has various firms built for you to get a taste of each of them. You could dine at Alfred Restaurant and then Go to Toby’s estate at the lobby to sip and chat over coffee.
The residence umbrellas numerous brands all brought at one-stop for you.

Have you found an ideal date dinner place?
Plan this Valentine with love. Let it leave a mark. Dine at the finest restaurant. Even if it means you should fly to countries, it’s going to be worth the travel. Capture this moment and live your best life.

Here’s why you should date in silence until you can love out loud.


A lot of us tend to invite too many people to determine our life decisions. But is it necessary to consider everybody’s opinions?
When these people tell you their thoughts and opinions, you will find yourself making decisions according to their perspectives. Doesn’t that seem like you are altering your life because of their choices?
It’s your life. It would be best if you lived it to the fullest. Don’t let other people determine how you live your life.

This concern is seen widely in the world. If you ask us, From when people are so cautious about things and aspects greater than something like a relationship? We’d say the influence of the internet age.

It feels like we live in a world where other people’s opinions seem to matter a lot. We’d want to be that ideal perfection everyone desires to be. Does perfection exist? It probably exists in the internet world. But in the real world, we have not found it yet.

People forget to live. Lifestyle and cultures are altering as the years pass by. Social media accounts are created to impress people, or should we say ‘followers’?
We could be finding ways to impress some of the strangers, in doing so, we might overlook some genuine souls that are worthy of your love.
You can never find out about a person by looking at their social media account; no people could tell what person you are.
You need to really put in the effort when it comes to a relationship.

When you finally someone and decide to date, don’t take things fast. It would help if you slowed down in the beginning to have a long-lasting relationship.
When you are unsure if that person, and you still learning to keep the relationship private. Because if you are loud about it and it doesn’t work out, you will be disappointed in the future.

Remember that nobody is perfect. Everyone in the world must have been through things. When you are ready to get into a relationship, you should be prepared to understand the other. Everyone must be having something that they regret. It would be best if you reached a level where both of you are comfortable enough to share your stories and experiences. Even if you are not willing to talk about your past, you should be able to at some point in your relationship.

Everyone has a different personality. They prefer other things and have come from different ways of life. So, you could get rejections, but don’t feel bad about it. There must be someone else that would be your perfect partner.

Keep your relationship to yourself.

Don’t be loud about dating someone. Because if. That person is not the right one; you would feel awkward about it later on. You should be able to keep it down in the primary stages.
When you invest in getting to know each other well, understand each other’s behaviour is and personality, you will know the right time to announce it to the others.
Don’t ask for opinions. You should find out if the person is right for you by yourself.
Date in silence. Don’t give the world a chance to impact your relationship. The world could be cold. Their opinions might influence you and make you doubt about the most unnecessary things in life.
Keep it low while you are in love and being loved. Bring your life to a stage where both of you are inseparable. Inseparable in the sense that both of you understand each other very adequately that no comment or statement could ever make you doubt about your relationship.

Don’t tell everybody. Sometimes you should avoid exposing your closest friends too.

Please don’t delicate your life to an outside world, where people are ever ready to give away their advice and opinions. Never portray your relationship on social media; don’t let your online friends or Instagram followers know about your private life.
You should always, always remember to distinguish your private affairs from what you show to the world.
It is not necessary to update everything. It is never essential to upload pictures regularly too. We upload photos because it’s fun, or because we want to keep a memory of it. Internet users today have a surge to post every aspect of their life. Their day is all about click and post, click and post. But are they living in the moment? That’s something that’s always forgotten. It is sad.

People close to you even if they are your best friends and family are important to you, of course, their opinions matter, but what matters more is your opinion. Your opinion should be prioritized higher than what others think, even if they are your closest people.
Listen to your heart. It doesn’t speak wrong.

Never let others dictate you what to do.

It is your life, and you are the sole decision-maker. Whatever the decision you want to make in life, remember it is your life. You are living it, not anyone else. It is okay to get help from your closed ones but at the end consider what you want to do too.

If your decisions don’t turn out right, it’s okay. You’ve learnt something from it. Things like this help you understand more. Sometimes your decisions might go wrong, but sometimes your choices could take you over the right path.
If you are stuck with something and are aware of the risks and challenges, think about it again. Do what you strongly want to do. Don’t bother about the outcome; first, you need the courage to fight against what’s holding you back.
Only when you try, you’ll know your possibilities. So be brave. Your heart will lead the way.

Keep in mind that it’s absolutely fine to date in silence, if I should add, it’s significant to date in silence because it’s entirely about you and the other person. There’s no one who’s influencing your relationship.
This is how lasting relationships are formed. Be lowkey about it.

On the other hand, being loud about your relationship doesn’t enhance your bond with your loved one. You will tend to be less considerate too because you will keep hearing things from all the people.

All about ‘Advanced Love’: Finding Secrets of long-lasting love.


Before getting started, let us introduce a star to you. Ari Seth Cohen, who is an author and a photographer extensively known for the Advanced style. His won laurels and a lot of hearts after he established his Advanced style universe.

Advance style is Cohen’s project that focuses on capturing the styles of senior citizens. In his words, the project is devoted “to capture the sartorial savvy of the senior set”.
Cohen goes around and photographs people who live a creative life. He states that people who try to live their best lives to the fullest, age gracefully. They continue to grow and challenge themselves.
Ari sees something more significant in their lives.
Advanced love is showcased to the world through a book and a film. Cohen has now come up with another magnificent concept of fashionista couples that seems to be like a vibrant bouquet that consists of love stories that are unique and well-aged.

It is fantastic to witness the couples grandly dressed. They wear it with so much compassion. You can figure it out just by looking at the way they carry themselves.
It shows the world that older couples relish their looks, and more importantly bringing out a very fresh vibe. You wouldn’t believe how wonderfully they pull out their fashion. What inspires the people, even more, is the chemistry between the couples. It’s adorable to watch them flaunt their styles.

It’s been a decade now that Cohen’s started this advanced style blog. Cohen began to reach out to older people after he lost his grandmother, and that gave him an idea to create Advanced Style.

Cohen says that he wanted to take a more in-depth look at the lives of the older people around them. He tried to look at their lifestyles, their relationship with their loved ones. He had been collecting a lot of images of old couples that are his acquaintances. He realised that he could rely on them for advice. After all, he spent a significant amount of time with his models and muses.
They seemed to have helped Cohen when he got into his first serious relationship. The senior models always gave him sincere advice that could build his relationship. Being the most experienced people on earth, the aged couple models talked to Cohen about the ups and downs of a relationship. And about how he could contribute to making his relationship healthy and long-lasting.
It is great to have mentors. It is even more significant to have experienced and wise mentors. They have been through life; they definitely know the ways of life better than anybody. Cohen is indeed lucky to have a lot of these mentor figures around him.

We were wondering how Cohen got hold of so many amazing, power-packed couples. Looking at them already makes us feel the influential they could create.
Cohen said that he found some of them randomly while scouting the streets, and another method is through the internet. He opened submissions on Facebook and Instagram; the response was overwhelming. Cohen also included the partners of the women he already worked with.

When he asked his senior models the personal question about their love lives, he was amazed to hear how the couples talked about it so openly. They shared about their struggles and lovemaking without being awkward about it. They stated finally that long-lasting relationship needs a lot of work to stand through all the disasters of life.

There’s another aspect that we need to throw light about since we are talking about the older people. Some of the cultures of the world, portray that when people become old, they need not express their love. We don’t understand how this concept has been picked up, but we are absolutely not for it. As humans, we are the only creatures that can express various emotions. Ageing shouldn’t stop us from this human nature. Once you become old, you don’t have to be invisible. Love your partner like you used to. Don’t adopt changes.

There’s an inspiring aspect that we can learn from what Cohen told Messy Nessy blog. He says that one of the most hopeful and inspiring things he heard from the senior couples is that even though there could be changes while ageing, there’s a factor that brings back youthfulness as you age. That means you will feel like you’ve got young blood in your body at some point.
If you ask most old people if they feel old, they will tell you that their body might be aged, but their inner self is surging with a youthful spirit.

The advanced story is an inspiring piece of work that will tell people how to advance their spirits as they get older.

Here’s an important message everybody needs to acknowledge. ‘No relationship is perfect.’
We could be blinded by unrealistic expectations that the world portrays, the love we find in fairy tales lives in fairytales only.
It could be easy to fall in love, but maintaining a stable relationship is what matters. Nobody seems to give you the right answers for a perfect relationship. Because each relationship is unique, it’s you who should seek the answers by yourself.

When people realise that they are not the only one who has relationship struggles, they tend to express their challenges. One should always remember that partnership is like a permanent bond. To make your relationship work through the thick and thin of life, you need to work on aspects like understanding, nurturing, bonding, compassion and respect. Most couples that are part of Advanced love talked about the challenges they had to overcome through the years.

Cohen also learnt another concept. The concept of perfecting their fights. He learned from one of his senior models that their fights should be communication that has empathy and humour; it could also have a touch of sarcasm in it. Cohen finds this admiring. He also things that elements like this could help in strengthening the bond.

Different couples worked on their relationships in various ways. Like we already said, every relationship is unique. Advanced love showcased some of the unique love stories that the couple shared themselves. The stories are inspiring and delightful. You should get a copy of Advanced love if you want to know more stories.

Here are some of the best reads to Improve & Build Relationships & Love


Read, and it will help you improve your relationship.

Books are knowledge storehouses. They enlighten us. Something about reading books is attractive. Some life aspects are well written by some professional or those who have experienced things.
When it comes to Love and relationship, we want to seek advice, and we want to know to make the relationship strong. Thanks to some authors who put in their valuable time to help people gain knowledge about Love and relationships.

As men, if you are considerate about your relationship, and to find about things related to love, how you should go about in a committed relationship, then you are at the right place.

If you want to find books related to improve and build relationships and Love, then read along to find out right away.
You can read them and grow insight into the things you are curious about. We are sure that each book teaches you about something.
And we bring you books exclusively for men, so you will have a better and relatable perspective of things because these books are written especially for you.

Find the book, get a hold of it and make your relationship great.

The Five love languages of men

This book is one of the most eminent relationships books you should read if you made up your mind to read books related to this genre. The four live languages is an amazing bestseller. Specially written for men, the book assists men to look for greater connections with their loved ones.
This book is highly recommended for men that are committed into a new relationship or those who have already in one relationship.
The book will help you revive your relationship, whether it’s new as the morning dew or as old as the sun.
Read and capture the connectivity you are searching for.

The Game

This is competitively different from the first book we talked about previously. The author of the book is Neil Strauss.
This is a real-life story of the author. He was a self-proclaimed nerd who had no lovemaking in his life. Wanting to be an artist and explore art, as he explored the artworks himself as a pickup artist, his life turned into a new dimension, and suddenly it’s changed forever. When you read the book, you will witness the psychological insights, Neil Strauss provides us with insights about how to be appealing to women and being able to preserve your dreams these two major aspects throw the brightest light. Some critics retreat to Neil’s shallow purists from the book, but it is said that you should read it even if you don’t want to look at things the way the author did. It’s worth reading it.

The Truth

Another work of Neil Strauss. It is said that ‘The truth’ is kind of like The Game part 2. It’s like a continued sequel. The Truth is also a memoir, where the author, Neil Strauss, is in search of the perfect relationship. The is set to take you on a journey of the quest. Similarly, like the Game, the truth also has psychological insights in it.
The difference here is that, unlike the Game, where it provided insights about being able to attract women, this book is more about knowing oneself. It deals with one’s psychology on how life events could affect one’s future and the influence of one’s childhood on future relationships that arrive later in life.

How to be a 3% Man, Winning the Heart of the woman of your dreams

Written by Corey Wayne, the work is about his journey in understanding the ways to approach a woman’s heart. With his own experiences of finding Love, it will help the reader to understand and learn. The book is said to he perfect for single or married men. When you choose yo read it, you are in for a ride that takes you to various things about the relationship.
You will understand how to attract women and how yo behave around them. It also helps you deal with things that might dishearten you. Not all women think you are their type. Talks about why women tend to drift away from men and find them unattractive. The book will also tell you how to overcome and avoid such consequences. A lot of men have said that this book not only inspired them to have a great relationship but also changed their lives.

The truth about Love

This is not an exclusive men’s read book, but it let’s most people learn a lot about relationships. Some aspects can be considered as valuable tools that will lead to a strong and successful relationship.
The book mentions different stages of Love that humans would tend to develop.
From the infatuation stage, that is the primary and unclear stage until the most visualised and connection stage. All of them are mentioned and written well. Get the book and read through to get a deeper understanding of the relationship. As it deals with deeper and clear meanings, you will buckle up to be ready to get committed into a long-lasting relationship.

You might not find time to read the books you can listen to them. With audiobooks getting popular throughout the world, one can do their work while being able t listen to the book. Life just became easy.
And another great news is that fortunately, almost every book except The truth about Love, are all available in audible.
There will be no obstacles blocking you from having a great relationship. Listen to the books or if you love the traditional method, read them and be sure to implement them into your relationship.
We think you will be able to find new dimensions and you will make a great guy and a great lover to your loved one.
Reading won’t do everything, and it will provide you will find the basic principles. It depends upon you when you finish reading the book if you want to adopt the new ways or understand according to the book or get back to being the same old self.

We hope these books inspire you in a positive way and help you achieve your relationship goals.

Plus Size women give you the biggest love!


Appearance doesn’t go in the way of love. If a plus-size woman feels like she’d never been able to find love, we are here to tell you that love is an emotion of the heart so most people will eventually find it.

Don’t reckon that you will never find love because of your body size. You will be able to find your perfect love at some point in life. We heard numerous love stories that plus-size women shared with the world. Their partners shower them with love, just like every other woman. Your size doesn’t impact the love you get. If it’s true love, your partner will adore you the way you are.

Never let people’s comments or any statements that make you question yourself. And don’t settle for less. Every human deserves to be loved as much, and you deserve it too.

Feel good and feel strong about yourself. Because your authentic self after all.

We live in a world where tinier women are glorified and are overrated. Standards of women always begin with women being slim and their narrow waistline.

But somewhere now there emerged a new norm where bigger sized are onto the limelight. When we think the world is turning its dimension and looking at new prospective, there is still despair when the media and society focus mostly on thinner women. Will there be a time where plus-sized women actually and greatly stand to be the real icons? Will they be able to portray to normalize plus-size women standards? When the world truly gives in and encourages the plus size women, that’s when it gives a lot of these women hope. We are all humans. We don’t want divisions and standards, especially when it comes to love.

We are hopeful that time will come where the world would gratify the plus size women.

No one establishes what a person is categorized as when it comes to appearance. But for plus size women, society and people give it to them. The labels about appearances make people more conscious of their appearance.

Nobody can declare that body types matter when it comes to love and relationship. That’s not true at all. Plus-size women can marry or date any men of any body type. Love never determines body types. If the man is concerned about it, he’s not worthy of you.
The world should stop stereotyping women that are plus-sized. That’s when things will fall in place. The misconception that fat women are not the wife material, or they could make a man’s life miserable, humiliate the men. If there’s a question of all these statements, then the relationship is not worthy. You will find a better person.

It doesn’t matter to be perfect in shape; it doesn’t matter what the others say, what the world’s conception is. We understand that it might affect you a little but hear out, imperfection is the new perfection. Show your potential partner that being a plus-sizes woman doesn’t make you any less of a woman.

We’ve discussed enough of the negative and opposing bars now let’s look at the bright side. Why men should not back off on loving plus-sized women and how loving them could be worth the shot. And what they could be missing out if the opt-out from choosing a plus-sized woman.

Shout out to all the plus-sized women in the world that overcame a lot of struggles and are living greatly. To all of them who found love and they are living their lives being loved and being in love.

You should start loving your body, no matter what, your body is the sole entity you earn. Be proud of it. Be proud that God gave you a bigger version of it. He loves you more. Don’t forget, in a world where everything is temporary, waste no time in thinking about the comments. Live the greatest and the happiest life, and we will be cheering for you.

All eyes on you

When a plus-sized woman is walking down the street with their partner, it is felt that most people’s eyes could be on them. The people could also make obnoxious comments. But give a deaf ear to them and walk like the show’s stopper. Let haters continue hating, but that’d not going to touch your love or reduce your love.
If you are dating a plus-sized woman, tell her that you accept her and tell her that, no matter what the world might preserve your love wouldn’t change. That’s what these women would love to hear. You should give them all the love that they deserve.

Fat women are not temporary replacements.

A few people have this idea that fat women do not last long in a relationship. And some of them who are regular-sized would try and lure the plus-sized women’s partner. That’s not how it should be. There’s no saying or a tag on the man that says he’s in a temporary relationship, but from where do these assumptions pop in? Honestly, it could be very frustrating to see the women trying to tame men, especially when they seem to be committed with someone. Just so that person doesn’t seem to match the so-called “ideal women nature” doesn’t mean someone has a chance.
The most dreadful thing is that people close to the couple seem to take this kind of advantage.
When you encounter things like this, just flip your hair on that person’s face and show how strong your bond is. Men especially should proclaim and show the world that he truly loves his woman.

Plus-sized women could be healthy; they could make great wives and great mothers too.

We don’t understand some of the presumptions about a plus-sized woman being unhealthy and needing constant healthcare.
That’s not true, well there could be some women with serious issues, but you can stereotype all the women. The society’s false assumptions are broken when some of these women show the world how successful they could live their lives as a wife and a mother.
They could be stronger than most people assume and the speculations about pregnancy difficulties. All these are quite disturbing when you know that the world believes as if all these are facts.

Stop reducing plus-women to having flaws because they are not diminishing community. Remember that they have their place in the world, and respect and acceptance is the least they’d what. They too are eligible to have love stories that are greater than fairytales.

Men between age 19-27 are liabilities?


Sharon Godwin who’s twitter id is @AlumBaeOfficial gave relationship advice to her twitter followers.

Sharon Godwin is said to be born in Uganda, and she firmly tweeted that women should avoid dating men who are between 19-27, she says that men at this age group are not fully grown yet.

In her tweet, she asserted with a strong and straight forward point. She started with a capitalized ‘avoid’ to show the emphasis on it.

Her tweet asserted with “AVOID dating men between the age of 19-27.” and then it continued saying – “They either typical mama’s boy stuck on their ex, cheat the most, entertain hoes, party non-stop, have no plans & are only concerned about their PS4, mixtape & weed”.

According to her words, Sharon thinks that the particular age group of men are never severe in a relationship. She believes that these men are still immature to commit to a relationship that long.

Heartbreaks can be traumatizing, and if it takes the person into depressing, they should be given treatment as soon as possible because there are at higher risks to become paranoid and will have an impression that every person who they encounter will leave them devastated.

Sharon Godwin must have been through some heartbreak that urged her to speak loud about this issue. She probably wanted to warn the women to be careful and not end up in the state that damages you beyond repair.

Her bitter experience is her enabled her to say state something like that. She must have been heartbroken by men who are under 30 and over 19. Women should be careful because these men could drift away. Their motives are immature, and they lurk on the most childish things.

The tweet made rounds on the internet; it got more than 3000 retweets and comments. While Sharon’s tweet generated a lot of opinions and reaction there was on a user named Michelle Dee, who’s twitter ID is @Dumayb replied to educate the Sharon on how she could make her relationship work. Even if she’s gone through something hard, she should be able to fix it or move on. Stereotyping aspects will not help.

Michelle reply was “Also, as a woman no matter how old your hubby is, he is your first your child. “
She compares men to babies-“Men are babies and it takes a mother at heart to handle a ma,n and capture his soul. Your hubby is your first practical child and if done successfully, motherhood and marriage will be fun even in pains,”. she ended.

She talked about how women should understand their man, like a mother, a woman should nurture and comprehend their heart and mind. If you can handle your man just like a mother, then when you give birth to a child, you will see how great a mother you will be. Understanding instead of stereotyping will enhance your relationship.

There will be great men in the age group of 19-27, not all men are disappointed, it could be that handful if men behave immaturely. While some others could be the gentlest men, you could ever meet.
The relationship works with time and understanding each other. It might not be easy, but it might not be hard either. It’s okay if you meet disappointing men, you can’t proclaim all men are like that because as a matter of fact, the world consists of people of different personalities. Everybody has flaws, let it be men or women.
When it comes to a relationship, the bond is created when the couple tries to overcome their obstacles by working with each other. If there is a certain quality you dislike about the other, talk it out, explain why there is a need to change it. Give your ear to what they have to say and analyze accordingly. That’s when you see your relationship bloom.

Don’t let a wrong relationship bother you. We all make mistakes and wrong choices. It’s not the end. All the lessons learnt from the regretful events will only make us stronger and a better person. So, don’t get disheartened or state things based on a handful incident.
Be insightful and knowledgeable about yourself and what you intended in your relationship. If by chance your relationship takes a wrong turn and leaves you heartbroken, don’t get eaten up by it. You will find deserving love when you are true to yourself.

It’s never good to be negative all the time, and don’t leave a bad influence on the other people that will impact their lives.
There could be immature men who waste time instead of getting into a serious relationship. There could be men who only think about other materialistic things and prefer them over their loved one. It could be not very pleasant to meet men like this. That’s why there’s a need to get to know them well before you make up your mind. Observe how their life. Don’t give in too much too soon because it will only make you regretful later.

To avoid being heartbroken, do a thorough a study on what you want your relationship to be like, how can you picture your future with that person, and check for traits that bother you and if they agree to rectify and alter their traits for you, that’s when you know you are into a truly committed relationship.

A relationship depends upon both the people involved. The couple needs to be comfortable around each other, and their ultimate motive is to lead a relationship that positively impacts their life. Long-lasting relationships happen when love is taken seriously; it has to be an engagement of the heart.

If both people can communicate well and accept their true personalities, there is no room for heartbreak and betrayal.
Relationships seem to be complicated, but actually, the very basic concepts like love and trust are the ones that influence in a successful relationship. Younger people might have desires to be committed to a perfect relationship. It could be possible added both the individuals should work it out.

Pretence and ignorance will lead to devastating relationships only.

Embrace your new relationship with these 5 tips!


Are you finding answers to strengthen your relationship?

What is the perfect relationship? How to get there? What should I know when I get into a relationship? Can I make myself perfect? We know all these questions or even more, questions must be running in your head while you enter a
new relationship. You must be enthusiastic and excited about it. We get it.

If you want to find out about being in a relationship from a book, You will find a wide range of books that will tell you how to handle relationships, but we see that most books contradict each other.

Because each book tries to tell you a different way to look at the relationship, one book will tell you that you should chase your love and make yourself available to them all the time. While there’s another that says you should keep your love to yourself and you should never be available all the time because if you do, it will make your potential partner think that you are an easy catch.

But what to believe and what not to think? Which one is true because both these ideas are contrast, and this might bewilder you?

But we say that every relationship is unique in its way. When you get into a relationship, it is entirely normal to get as much advice as possible. But you should consider keeping your relationship is personal to you and no one can tell you the answers.

Camille Thurnherr, who is known as a love and success mentor, gives five dating tips for women in a new relationship. These tips are said to be the best five tips you could ever ask for. So, read along and find out.

  1. Don’t dive into the ocean quickly.

When you first start dating, take it slow to understand each other. Your first steps should know about the person; that’s what leads to a long-lasting relationship. Don’t get intimate and commit yourself. Resist it. It’s not ideal yet, especially when it’s your first time.
Spend time together, go on dates and eventually, you can tell when to make a move.

When you want to commit to a serious relationship, you have the right to have your Try talking about all the things and see what the guy has to say. Ask questions, opinions and their interests. Go on different kinds of dates; that way, you can understand his personality even better.

Taking is slow doesn’t mean you are losing interests; it is to make your relationship r and more significant in the mere future.

  1. Waiting for love to turn up at their doorstep

Some women have an idea like this implanted in their head. That’s why they wouldn’t go on dates. These women think they are living in a fairy tale or in a magical land that would make them meet their partner at the right time and the right place. These women are dreamers, and they should get out of it indeed.
In reality, it’s not like this. Not all men have your address. So dress up, go on dates find your ideal types. Go on dates that interest you, find people with similar interests. You might find the right one at a concert of your favourite band or in the library.

It’s okay even if you are unsure of your ideal type when you go on dates you might figure it out.
Don’t worry if you encounter someone who does not seem to fit in well with you. You’ll find someone else. And don’t give up just yet.

  1. Don’t fall for men that seem to have potential.

If you eye a man that has potential, that means they do not reach your standards yet, but you think they could fix it and reach it in some time. Don’t fall in love instantly with them because in the mere future you might face problems. For example, if you fall in love with a person that has a drug problem or have committed crimes, don’t be so kind and fall in love.

You can’t waste your precious time spending with someone who doesn’t make you happy. We are not sure if that person will change. Because change is not in our hands, we can’t predict things.
Keep this in mind if you are looking for an excellent and cherishable relationship.

  1. Don’t give too much too soon.

When a woman is genuinely and deeply in love, she intends to give in everything. She will tend to cook, do their laundry clean their house, buying them gifts. This could be too early for a new relationship. And it’s even more saddening when none of these acts is returned to her.
So, don’t give in too much already, you have to find out if this person is the right one for you, spend time to understand and conclude if it’s all worthy.

Because after giving in too much, you will be disappointed if that person doesn’t seem to feel the same way as you.
Don’t conclude that they deserve all your love, take time and be sure of it. Because some people change with the weather, or that’s what a saying says. For you not to be disappointed, don’t invest too much that you’ll regret later.

  1. Be yourself

Remember that the initial stage of dating is not about impressing each other. It would help if you focused on being yourself. Pretending to be someone else is worse because it will get hard for you in the future and you should always be acting.
Don’t make yourself look like an ideal material; be able to show your flaws.

Enjoy your new relationship smoothly; don’t try to make the other fall for you every time.
When you show your true self and are original, your potential partner will understand how irresistible your personality is. So, don’t forget to wear your heart on the sleeve, it’ll get you to the right place.

Hope these five tips will inspire you for the new beginnings in your relationship.

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