Ladies gear up to give your partner a best Valentine’s date.

Let’s us tell you some rules before we dive into the article.

In the Philippines, there’s a rule that says that Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be necessarily celebrated on 14th February.
But if you are willing to plan something grand outside, book a luxurious restaurant overcome all the hurdles that will absolutely come your way. Because most people get ready to celebrate Valentine’s day too, it’s not going to be easy. Why suffer when you can choose another day and give your loved one a perfect Valentine’s date?
Your love doesn’t need to be celebrated on that particular day, so find another great day to plan an unforgettable event.

Okay, you might still want to celebrate it on 14th February itself cause the whole world is doing so, but let us consider factors like getting to the place on time and being able to celebrate the day leisurely. It might be improbable.
Think about it. It’s a day to cherish your love. It would be best if you gave it all. If that’s not close to happening, feel free to shift the date. You create your Valentine’s day.
By doing so, you won’t have many public disturbances, and you will give a quite and a peaceful day for yourselves.

So, ladies shall we turn the tables and be able to decide upon where you could spend your fabulous day with your man.
We will help you choose from the most romantic restaurants that your man will love to dine in, especially with you by his side. Let’s not wait longer and show you what we got.

We are bringing to you the ten most popular restaurants that will make your day more splendid!

  1. Nanka Japanese Steakhouse:

We see how popular the eastern part of the world is emerging to be. Nanka Japanese Steakhouse is an incredible place to dine.
The west meets east. You find that this restaurant serves dishes from both sides of the world; East and West.
This restaurant was opened recently in 2019. The dishes that stand out are delicious sushi and mouthwatering crab dishes.
So think no more. If you and your partner specifically love Sushi and Crabs, think no more and choose Nanka Japanese Steakhouse. Choose from a variety of other dishes too.

  1. Brotzeit:

Brotzeit is not only famous for ice-cold beers that are imported from Germany but also it’s a renowned signature dish which is the pork knuckles. The wide variety available with these favourite dishes is the reason why you should visit Brotzeit.
In the Valentine month of the year, the restaurant introduces a special menu. There’s a menu called prosperity that is exclusively made for the couples on the occasion of Valentine’s day.

  1. Livestock Restaurant and Bar

This is a Filipino restaurant that is popularly known for its crispy pata. It is said that this restaurant had the best crispy pata one could ever find in Metro Manila.
The crispy pata is perfectly crisp and crunchy that you could use a popsicle stick to cut it.
The restaurant introduced a wide variety of dishes. The menus evolved over the years, and Livestock Restaurant and bar has expanded its range of offerings. There are extraordinary dishes like Coffee Bourbon Ribs, salted Egg Chicharon, and Red Snapper in Cumin Butter.
Doesn’t it make you excited to them out?
There’s also Spiced Crispy Ulo, that you should definitely try while you are there.

  1. House of Wagyu

House of Wagyu is a place that soars high for the high quality meet it provides the customers.
The restaurant has excellent service that you will love. And what is exceptionally remarkable is the wine collection they have. With fine red wine, make you dine more than fine.
The restaurant offers a discount on the lovers month of the year.

  1. Bistro Manuel

Named after the Chef, the food at this restaurant leave a mark, the diners understand and can taste the dishes of one of the best chefs. Chef Ariel Manuel strives to give the customers the best taste that would never leave their minds. His duck Confit is forever unbeatable in the world. There’s more to his collection that you should try with your partner.

  1. Red Lantern at Solaire

This is proclaimed to be the best Chinese restaurant in the Philippines. It’s a world-class restaurant that lives up to the word. The most popular dish you find at this restaurant is ‘dim sum’. And Perking Duck is something you should not miss while you are there.
You can head to the hotel’s newly introduced bar for cocktails and other wholesome beverages.

  1. Ministry of Crab

As the name suggests, you will enjoy the tastiest Crab dishes here. This restaurant is in Sri Lanka, located deep inside Shangrila. The beautiful restaurant is worth witnessing. You can have cocktails after a delicious meal.

  1. Burger Geek

Burgers are everybody’s favourite. A cheeseburger could satisfy us like no other meal sometimes. That’s when Burger Geek comes to light. It has burgers made with the highest quality beef with a perfect ratio of other ingredients the soft bun that holds them together will take you to another world with one bite. You need to try their burgers you shouldn’t miss out on this.

  1. El Gaicho

El Gaicho is an Argentinian Steakhouse that has outlets all over South Asia. This place aspires to make spectacular steaks and the best lamb chops you could ever taste.
El Gaicho is looking forward to spreading globally now.

  1. Makati Diamond Residences

Make your Valentine date longer. Book a stay at Makati Diamond Residences and leave after breakfast.
This is a place that has various firms built for you to get a taste of each of them. You could dine at Alfred Restaurant and then Go to Toby’s estate at the lobby to sip and chat over coffee.
The residence umbrellas numerous brands all brought at one-stop for you.

Have you found an ideal date dinner place?
Plan this Valentine with love. Let it leave a mark. Dine at the finest restaurant. Even if it means you should fly to countries, it’s going to be worth the travel. Capture this moment and live your best life.


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