Before getting started, let us introduce a star to you. Ari Seth Cohen, who is an author and a photographer extensively known for the Advanced style. His won laurels and a lot of hearts after he established his Advanced style universe.

Advance style is Cohen’s project that focuses on capturing the styles of senior citizens. In his words, the project is devoted “to capture the sartorial savvy of the senior set”.
Cohen goes around and photographs people who live a creative life. He states that people who try to live their best lives to the fullest, age gracefully. They continue to grow and challenge themselves.
Ari sees something more significant in their lives.
Advanced love is showcased to the world through a book and a film. Cohen has now come up with another magnificent concept of fashionista couples that seems to be like a vibrant bouquet that consists of love stories that are unique and well-aged.

It is fantastic to witness the couples grandly dressed. They wear it with so much compassion. You can figure it out just by looking at the way they carry themselves.
It shows the world that older couples relish their looks, and more importantly bringing out a very fresh vibe. You wouldn’t believe how wonderfully they pull out their fashion. What inspires the people, even more, is the chemistry between the couples. It’s adorable to watch them flaunt their styles.

It’s been a decade now that Cohen’s started this advanced style blog. Cohen began to reach out to older people after he lost his grandmother, and that gave him an idea to create Advanced Style.

Cohen says that he wanted to take a more in-depth look at the lives of the older people around them. He tried to look at their lifestyles, their relationship with their loved ones. He had been collecting a lot of images of old couples that are his acquaintances. He realised that he could rely on them for advice. After all, he spent a significant amount of time with his models and muses.
They seemed to have helped Cohen when he got into his first serious relationship. The senior models always gave him sincere advice that could build his relationship. Being the most experienced people on earth, the aged couple models talked to Cohen about the ups and downs of a relationship. And about how he could contribute to making his relationship healthy and long-lasting.
It is great to have mentors. It is even more significant to have experienced and wise mentors. They have been through life; they definitely know the ways of life better than anybody. Cohen is indeed lucky to have a lot of these mentor figures around him.

We were wondering how Cohen got hold of so many amazing, power-packed couples. Looking at them already makes us feel the influential they could create.
Cohen said that he found some of them randomly while scouting the streets, and another method is through the internet. He opened submissions on Facebook and Instagram; the response was overwhelming. Cohen also included the partners of the women he already worked with.

When he asked his senior models the personal question about their love lives, he was amazed to hear how the couples talked about it so openly. They shared about their struggles and lovemaking without being awkward about it. They stated finally that long-lasting relationship needs a lot of work to stand through all the disasters of life.

There’s another aspect that we need to throw light about since we are talking about the older people. Some of the cultures of the world, portray that when people become old, they need not express their love. We don’t understand how this concept has been picked up, but we are absolutely not for it. As humans, we are the only creatures that can express various emotions. Ageing shouldn’t stop us from this human nature. Once you become old, you don’t have to be invisible. Love your partner like you used to. Don’t adopt changes.

There’s an inspiring aspect that we can learn from what Cohen told Messy Nessy blog. He says that one of the most hopeful and inspiring things he heard from the senior couples is that even though there could be changes while ageing, there’s a factor that brings back youthfulness as you age. That means you will feel like you’ve got young blood in your body at some point.
If you ask most old people if they feel old, they will tell you that their body might be aged, but their inner self is surging with a youthful spirit.

The advanced story is an inspiring piece of work that will tell people how to advance their spirits as they get older.

Here’s an important message everybody needs to acknowledge. ‘No relationship is perfect.’
We could be blinded by unrealistic expectations that the world portrays, the love we find in fairy tales lives in fairytales only.
It could be easy to fall in love, but maintaining a stable relationship is what matters. Nobody seems to give you the right answers for a perfect relationship. Because each relationship is unique, it’s you who should seek the answers by yourself.

When people realise that they are not the only one who has relationship struggles, they tend to express their challenges. One should always remember that partnership is like a permanent bond. To make your relationship work through the thick and thin of life, you need to work on aspects like understanding, nurturing, bonding, compassion and respect. Most couples that are part of Advanced love talked about the challenges they had to overcome through the years.

Cohen also learnt another concept. The concept of perfecting their fights. He learned from one of his senior models that their fights should be communication that has empathy and humour; it could also have a touch of sarcasm in it. Cohen finds this admiring. He also things that elements like this could help in strengthening the bond.

Different couples worked on their relationships in various ways. Like we already said, every relationship is unique. Advanced love showcased some of the unique love stories that the couple shared themselves. The stories are inspiring and delightful. You should get a copy of Advanced love if you want to know more stories.


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