There are a lot of guys who would rather not date intimidating women. We are talking about girls who spent time in the army or know mixed martial arts. If you are an average corporate slave, you think this girl may beat you down if you make a mistake. The opposite is actually true and it is going to be a challenge to date women who look intimidating. Here are a few reasons to take intimidating women out on a date:

1. They Don’t Care About Others’ Opinion

Intimidating Women

Don’t expect them to get influenced by what other people think. If they like you, then it is solely their decision. If they don’t, then that is tough luck. No matter what their friends say, that is not really an effect of what they decide. They will be the only person who will decide what they are going to do next. They will not let other people order them around because they can decide for themselves.

2. They Have a Good Personality

Intimidating Women

They have a nice sense of humor so you can expect to laugh a lot the entire time. Once you get to know intimidating women, it will make a mark on how good they are to hang out with. You may even want to date them the next day after having just gone out with them. Yes, you never know what you are going to get once you get to know them in person. The important thing to remember is that you must not get intimidated and be yourself. In fact, their personality is one thing most guys like about them. It is definitely what keeps them going.

3. They’re Good Listeners

Intimidating Women

Believe it or not, they would listen to every word you say. No matter what topic you try and talk about, they will give you a nice answer. They also have brains other than brawn and you are going to find out that you will get a sensible answer. In fact, you may even be surprised how you are going to benefit from their answers. There won’t be a time when they will just stare at you after you tell them a story.

4. They are not Needy

Intimidating Women

They are not the type of girl who will depend on you to always spend when you go out on dates with them. They are independent women so they can pay for their own meals. Thus, better not think you can impress them by paying for the food. You can expect them to ask you if they can pay for their own food. If you insist on paying for her food, she will probably not stop you from doing that.

5. They have Interesting Stories

Intimidating Women

When it is their turn to tell you some stories, you won’t believe what they will tell you. There is no doubt you will imagine yourself in their shoes and you can’t possibly imagine doing what they did. They are pretty tough and you know you have a lot of work to do if you want to live up to their expectations. It won’t be long before you would want to hear more life stories from them and you will not notice how fast time flies. Don’t forget to give input after they finish telling you their stories though as that is pretty important.

6. They are Loyal

Intimidating Women

Perhaps, the best reason to date intimidating women is they are loyal to you once you are both committed to one another. When you ask her where she is, she will always tell the truth. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about with regards to these women cheating on you. At the end of the day, that is what you want in a relationship. You would want both to be honest to one another for the relationship to last a long time.

Now that you know it won’t hurt to date an intimidating woman, you must know that they will dress nicely for the occasion. Therefore, you can’t blame yourself if you fall head over heels over them when you take them out on a date. It is also important to be prepared for the date by researching on the person’s background so you will know her likes and dislikes.


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